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SAP BC-SRV-GBT-PPF Transaction Codes - Post Processing Framework Tcodes - TutorialKart, SPPFC - PPF: Initial Screen in Customizing Tcode, SPPFP - Process Actions Tcode, SPPFDET - PPF: Condition definition Tcode, SPPFCADM - PPF: Administration Tcode, SPPFCONS - PPF: Check Consistency Tcode.

before creating the Zebra printer as an OUTPUT DEVICE in SAP R/3. We advise that the printer should be tested by sending a non SAP R/3 label, out-with SAP R/3, to the target print queue. Log onto SAP R/3 Start the SAP R/3 front-end client GUI. Log into R/3 with administrator rights. Type in your User name and Password. Press the <ENTER> key to. SAP Adobe Forms Tcodes - Complete list of SAP Adobe forms transactions codes to work with SAP Interactive forms by adobe or SAP Adobe Forms. SAP Adobe Forms Tcode: Description: SFP: Form Builder: SFP_ZCI_UPDATE: Update Functions for PDF based forms: SICF: Define Services: SMARTFORMS: Create Smart Forms: SO10: Create Standard Text:.

Also, it looks like the screenshot is taken from the transition PPF to initially create the PDI document - that's not the actual GR. Could you please go to tx /SCWM/IDN and enter the ERP ID number in the search field for IDN inactive, press the "check" button and see what it returns? Thanks and best regards, Jonas Add a Comment Alert Moderator.




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